"What is Jean-Michel Bernard’s special quality which makes you love working with him?»"

"Ray Charles : « I love him because he is better than me ! I told you the same thing about Oscar Peterson, I love true talent, this guy is a genius, in my mind…
He’s incredible, he really is incredible, I enjoy just being around him, and you know, what I do when I have him on the show with me, I totally focus when he’s playing, on him, you know…

(Jean-Pierre Grosz : and he helps you, RC : that’s right)

"He is extraordinary. I mean, I have to tell you the truth, he’s a very unusual man in today’s age, you understand what I mean, so that’s why I love him, and when I say he is better than me, I know it sounds weird but I’m being honest."

(JPG : He has a great technique… RC : that’s right)

" He feels me, everything I do, he’s right there, I can’t get away from him…"
(JPG : You can go anywhere you want, you don’t have to worry about it, I know It’s the way he is)

Transcript of recorded interview by Felix Sportis (Geneva, 8 april 2003).